Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (v)

So good, you'll want a bunch!

  • Fresh bananas, semi-sweet chocolate mini chips (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), brown short grain rice, whole grain sorghum, millet,  cane sugarbrown golden rose rice, brown basmati rice, all vegetable shortening (palm oil), chick pea miso (handmade rice koji, whole chickpeas, sun-dried sea salt, Blue Ridge Mountain well water, koji spores), baking powder (corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate), brown rice vinegar (water, brown rice, Koji), vanilla extract (water, alcohol {35%}, sugar, vanilla bean extractives), psyllium husks, ume plum vinegar (ume plum, beefsteak leaf {shiso}, sea salt), baking soda, sea salt


    • Wheat free
    • Gluten free
    • Tree nut free
    • Dairy free
    • Peanut free
    • Coconut free
    • Soy free
    • Egg free

    Manufactured in a facility that uses milk and eggs.

  • Storage:
    On the counter: 2-3 days
    Refrigerator: Not recommended
    Freezer: 3 months

    Microwave:  30-45 seconds
    Toaster Oven|Oven: Cover in foil - 250 degrees until warm

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